Update, Delete and Export data using OOPS CRUD System with PHP Jquery AJAX and MySQL

In this post we will learn other operations for creating a CRUD operation using the Ajax JQuery method with object-oriented PHP programming scripts. In this section we have explained how we can update, delete and export records in MySQL database tables using object-oriented PHP scripts using the Ajax method. So we can change the data in the table without refreshing the page.

In the previous section we looked at inserting or adding new records to MySQL database tables using Ajax using PHP scripts and Display records. Every web or system application needs changing or updating or editing data because first, when we add wrong information to any system, then after we want to change that information we want to need an updating process so that the updated data is part of the process. Rugged system. In this system we do not only change data, but also modify or delete record and export all data in excel using Ajax using PHP scripts.

In this section, we will first fetch individual data using Ajax using object-oriented PHP scripts in JSON format and then, after we load this data into other fields of the form, so that the data can be entered into the form fields, we can check the value modify form fields and click the submit button to send data from the form to the server with data files and objects, and send data from the form to the server using the Ajax method. This way we can edit or update using the object oriented Ajax method. In the next section you will learn how to clear data with Ajax using object-oriented PHP scripts without refreshing the page.

Create Database Table

Database Connection using OOPS PHP and Edit, Update and Delete Function

Create database connectivity and edit update and delete function using OOPS PHP with Mysql.


HTML Code and jQuery AJAX Script


Call Update, Edit, Delete and Export data Function


Update, Delete and Export data using OOPS CRUD System with PHP Jquery AJAX and MySQL

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